Jamie St Clair Photo Art

These photos were taken in 2010 in Corfu, Greece. I was riding with my partner, Arpita Hamilton, on a scooter through the hills in Corfu, and stopped for coffee in a small village called Prini. The sun was shining, and we took a little walk through the village. I suddenly noticed that the colors of the buildings were totally in synch with the colors of the cloths Arpita was wearing, and that the sun/shadows on the buildings and ground were very dramatic. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. Nothing was posed, it is just a record of our 20 minute walk through Prini, Greece. Sometimes those are the best shoots, the ones completely spontaneous. I have modified  the raw photos in the computer to give them a softer look of a watercolor aquarelle, which adds to the mysterious feeling of the compositions.