Charles (Jamie) St Clair Resume

Jamie St Clair Acting Resume | Photo/Painting Bio

Charles St Clair

Berlin | Hamburg | Damshagen | Boulder
Phone +49 157 817 29030
Email booking [at]

Agent: STREETS, Potsdamer Straße 83, 10785 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-616 71 38-10

Current: Nov. 2017 IKEA “Restaurant” commercial, Grandfather.
March 2018 IKEA “Wedding,” Grandfather


When I’m painting in the right space, I don’t have any idea what is supposed to happen, or what the painting should look like. It’s a discovery. When I paint each step in the process is leaving behind what has happened up to that point in the painting. Then something totally new can emerge.

My collection of landscape photography stretches back to 1980 when I started taking photos. I’ve traveled a bit, and have photos from 5 different continents and different cultures. Recently, with one series from Greece, I found I preferred the look and feel of the art after it was transformed in Photoshop to look more like a watercolor aquarelle (seen here). Currently I’m working with acrylics on canvas, sometimes together with chalk colors.

I’m also a published musician, and singer/songwriter. I began playing the guitar at age 14, have 4 albums of music published, and as of this writing (2016)  am half way to finishing the 5th album of jazz rock music. At age 18 I began painting in University, under a progressive art teacher who taught that art is a full body expression. His teaching was the whole body/mind is involved in painting, because it is a response to our experience and environment. I remember one exercise in the painting study was to walk into a forest in the middle of winter, on a pitch dark night loaded with camping gear. The premise was for each of us to feel our way through the trees to the campsite, to awaken the survival instinct, and to become sensitive to each one’s kinesthetic body experience of the forest.


Jamie St Clair photo art